Welcome Back Readers! Summer 2008

Blog from 30,000 Feet

Hello again readers! We all sincerely apologize for the lack of new material on AdBridge, however four seniors just made a huge shift from college to the real world from interviews to internships and job offers. We all have been flying around the country (and some eventually half way around the world) getting our hands dirty and having as much fun with “our clothes on” in advertising agencies as possible.

I have been job interviewing myself and during that time between interviews and actually getting a position with a terrific team at a terrific agency, I wanted to bring to light what we bloggers want to emphasize to college graduates in the future that will be soon searching for that first post-graduate J.O.B.

First and foremost, the interview is as much of you interviewing the agency as the agency interviewing you. So in the spirit and foundation of this blog, two of the most important questions you can ask them are:

1) What do you expect of the assistant media planner, jr. art director, jr. copywriter, and jr. public relations assistant, assistant account planner/service, etc?

2) After I have proven my work ethic and skill, how much involvement can I have in strategy and/or concept development?

At first, starting at an agency with similarly mirror your first internship, you start the time getting acclamated to the environment and the work given. You start off with the nitty gritty of data or simply brainstorming for the creatives, and you are essentially learning the back-end or the foundations from which the strategy comes but you are putting it into action instead of just hypothetically doing it like in college. However, as you accomplish those areas, you should find your initial job to be getting more challenging-not boring.

Finding an agency that cares where you are going as much as it cares what you have to truly say will ensure you never become a stagnate assembly line. People should know “what Jennifer can do” but also want to know “what if Jennifer can excel at this new task”.

Back and forth from Chicago,


P.S. (Ask wisely)


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  1. Jennifer-

    Excellent points. I’m also a recent college grad who has been working at a small agency in the Milwaukee area for roughly two months now. I did feel the same similarities to my prior internships, but now I’m beginning to feel more challenging tasks coming my way (I had my first RFP experience last week…goodness). But with the stresses of the new job, I’m happy to say that the team I’m with believes in my potential and hey, it’s better than the stress of balancing internships and classes (at least it is now)! Good luck to you and I’ll definitely keep up with your posts.

    -Marc Bennett

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