Google v. Yahoo! v. Microsoft v. now AT&T?

Is this getting a bit ridiculous? Maybe, but to all us advertising ‘techys’ out there this is a form of cyber war that is about to get even more bloody.

So in Google’s attempt to take over the sweet world, which I am so far, in favor of because they do amazing things; this internet giant is getting ready to take-over a portion of Yahoo’s advertising space. Who knows, maybe if Google can get his hands on Yahoo the next victim might just be MSN? This is where Microsoft enters into the picture to try to take Yahoo away from Google before they can sign the contract.

As you might know, AT&T is Yahoo!’s partner as an internet service provider, etc. In the Congressional hearings including Google and Yahoo!, AT&T testified that they are against the contract because it would ultimately limit competition and keep prices at a higher minimum. Ultimately, it would limit Yahoo’s ability to evole and innovate.

I am still neutral as to what the Google and Yahoo partnership could do to rates, but I am very skeptical about AT&T’s sudden voice in the matter.

 AT&T, along with other phone companies, want to move away from Internet Neutrality (see previous post). How can they possibly work out a deal for Google and Yahoo when one’s adspace is a part of the other? Especially when Google is continuoulsy one of the top websites each year along with YouTube and MySpace. This is all just speculation with a little dash of Mel Gibson/ Julia Roberts in Conspiracy Theory.

All in all, it’s up to the wolves.


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