Interview: Doug Wyatt, Strategic Digital Media Specialist at Mediacom (Chicago)



Doug is a TexasMedia Ex from the University of Texas working as a Strategic Digital Media Specialist at MediaCom in Chicago, IL. His job involves educating clients about digital media and consulting with the agency’s digital media planners about campaign strategy and integration.

I interviewed Doug during a trip to Chicago this Spring. Here’s what he had to say:

On collaboration…

  • In the digital world, nothing happens without media planners and creatives constantly collaborating.
  • Trust and loyalty are the keys to agencies education their clients on the importance and workings of digital media.
  • A lot of agencies still believe that media agencies are just buying and planning the vehicles for creative. Clients tend to have more respect for media-only agencies than creative boutiques do, and are starting to demand that digital creative bend to the media executions, instead of the other way around.

On Millennials starting a career in media…

  • Digital media is a younger field than traditional media, which can make it an ideal place to start out, but because its more strenuous and tactical. In fact, most people in digital burn out in about 5 years and go over to the sales side.
  • Make sure you work for a team you like and wouldn’t mind seeing outside the office. It’s easier to put in long hours when your co-workers are your friends.
  • Look for a team that works the same way you do – if your work style is fluid, you won’t enjoy a job in an agency that focuses on order and structure.

On educational institutions…

  • It doesn’t matter how good a program is – without marketing behind a school’s brand, the industry is not going to find out about it. If universities are serious about being known for the quality of their graduates, they have to get trade press coverage.
  • Students planning on a career in media need to prepare themselves for digital. As traditional and digital media departments fuse together, it becomes essential that all new hires have a basic understanding of the digital environment. In the future, digital and traditional media will be under the same roof and job applicants without digital experience will have a harder time finding work.
-Kelly Eidson


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